Are you ready for the new month?

It's almost a new month, are you certain of meeting your financial goals?

I want to share a 3 step formula to get clear on your financial planning this month. It is the EDS formula: E - Establish your end goal, the success is in the detail, be specific. I like to think beyond the money and think about the impact, the legacy, and the purpose. D - Design your method or system, there are many money management tools like apps, planner, spreadsheets. Pick one and stick with it for at least 90 days. S - Start actioning your method. Plan to incorporate regular reviews into your diary. Final word - I completely believe in you and I am not just saying this.  This is because I know that if you want it badly enough, you will make it happen. Don't put it off if you can start working on your money goals today.

Lots of Love Trust xx

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